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She Was Unsure Of How She Would Protest Trumps Inauguration On Friday But Does Plan To Walk In The W
22.01.2017 04:22

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"I think Harvey Milk understood that pretty early on." Morales, who last year had served on the Milk club board as an at-large member after becoming an official member in 2015, was a vocal supporter of Alvarenga's supervisor bid. She served as a City Hall aide to gay former District 9 Supervisor David Campos in the fall for four months, and this summer, she plans to work for his successor and former chief of staff, Hillary Ronen , as an aide for her at City Hall. For now Morales is working as a consultant for nonprofits focused on social justice. She had worked for 10 years at the nonprofit Community United Against Violence, including as its co-director. She first came to the United States in 2001, and after a monthlong stay in Los Angeles, moved north to San Francisco planning to stay for only six months. But after coming out as queer the fallout of which she said is "a long story" Morales decided to remain in the United States, eventually becoming a citizen in December 2014. She was unsure of how she would protest Trump's inauguration on Friday but does plan to walk in the Women's March set for Saturday in San Francisco. Her number one concern with Trump becoming president is his plans to criminalize various communities, from undocumented immigrants to Muslims. "Besides all the other things he might do in terms of health care and so many of our basic rights, I think he is going to increase criminalization and people going to jail for defending themselves or their rights," said Morales. Alvarenga also plans to be at the Women's March this weekend and take part in various actions during Trump's first 100 days in office. She is taking inspiration from Milk's ability to organize street protests and other actions in the 1970s to fight for equality.

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